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What is an orgasm like if you have a penis

AKA: cumming, nutting, finishing, busting, climax

If you have a penis, there will usually be a release of a white, thick fluid when an orgasm happens. This is called an ejaculation. The fluid is called semen, and it has millions of microscopic sperm inside.

However, not everyone ejaculates with orgasm, and even those that do, may not ejaculate every time. An orgasm without ejaculation is known as a dry orgasm.

Myth busters! The idea that if you have a penis you should be able to last a particular amount of time in sex before orgasming is a total myth! There isn’t a ‘right’ amount of time it should take someone to ejaculate – everybody is different. Sex doesn’t have to last a long time, or even include ejaculation at all for it to be enjoyable.

If you do have concerns about ejaculating too fast or too soon, check out the advice in the video below:

How do I stop ejaculating too fast?


If you have concerns relating to your own experiences with orgasm, it’s a really good idea to speak with your GP or local sexual health clinic.

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