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How to tell someone you like them

When you have feelings for someone, it’s up to you whether you keep these feelings private, express them to the person directly, or speak to a friend first.

Speaking your feelings aloud puts you in a vulnerable space. It’s never easy at any age to tell a crush that you like them, especially if you’re currently good friends. If your feelings aren't returned, you may feel exposed and rejected. However, if they are returned, you may find yourself in an exciting new friendship or relationship.

Telling someone you like them requires you to be brave and take a risk. You can have a private and direct conversation with them, but be prepared that they may not have the same feelings towards you. This can be disappointing, but if you don’t tell them how you feel then you will never know what could have happened.

Some things to consider:

    Decide whether you’ll tell them in-person or online
  • Pick the right moment - a time when you’re both not distracted and aren’t likely to be interrupted by others
  • Be clear in your message, but be mindful not to overwhelm the other person
  • Give them a little space once you have shared your feelings - they might want to process what you’ve told them and think things through, so don’t expect an answer straight away
  • Be prepared for rejection - we can’t make people like us back and it’s best to let someone be if feelings aren't mutual