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How do I know I am ready to have sex?

First thing’s first - are you ready to have sex? Whether it’s your first time ever, or your first time with a new partner, you need to be sure that having sex is something you want to do and that you feel free to make this decision without feeling pressured.

You also need to feel safe with the person you’re thinking of have sex with, and should feel okay to talk with them about sexual boundaries, consent and contraception.

Not everyone has sex, despite what society often tells us. Some people just aren’t that into it, or prefer to wait. Sometimes culture and/or religion are an important part of a person’s decision to have sex.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re choosing to have sex for the right reasons. Sex shouldn’t be used as a way to prove to someone that you like or love them, or to make someone like or love you back. It definitely shouldn’t be used to stop someone breaking up with you.

Remember! Having a good relationship doesn’t mean you have to have sex.

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