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What to do on dates

While ‘Netflix and chill’ can often be the go-to these days when it comes to hanging out with someone special, it can help to add variety to your dates and be open to new experiences.

If there’s an activity your date or partner wants to do that you’re not so keen on, consider giving it a go. It may turn out to be a lot of fun!

Also, keep in mind that great experiences don’t have to involve a lot of money.

Check out these date ideas!

  • Cooking together / sharing meals together / picnics
  • Going for walks / hikes / beach trips
  • Going out with each other’s friends
  • Grabbing a coffee together at a local cafe
  • Playing tourists in your hometown - go check out the must-see attractions, local landmarks, or the latest exhibition at the museum
  • Playing board games, card games, app-based games
  • Volunteering together
  • Getting into some crafts together


Hang out in-person

It’s important not to rely on social media to build a meaningful connection. Not many relationships are made through a series of online messages. While social media platforms may offer great ways to flirt, make plans, and take your relationship into the real world, they are not a great way to truly get to know someone.

Be sure to hang out in person, and enjoy each other’s physical presence. This way, you’ll have lots of opportunities to talk about things that often can’t be communicated properly online.

Sometimes it can be tricky to chat in person, especially around difficult or really personal topics, but the more you communicate with each other, the more natural it will feel and you can both enjoy having healthy convos.

Having healthy convos

In a long distance relationship? Sometimes it’s not possible to hang out in person, especially when you live far away from each other. Check out the page below for some great advice on how to be in healthy long-distance relationships.

Online romantic relationships

Maintain your independence

It’s normal to want to spend a lot of time with a new partner, but it’s a good idea to also keep doing the things you love, and spending time with your friends and whānau without them by your side.

If you make your whole life about your new partner, you end up putting a lot of pressure on the relationship to be your sole source of happiness and fulfilment.

Give yourselves a chance to miss one another by not being present 24/7 in each other’s physical, and online worlds.