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How to be intimate

Often people think that dating and romantic relationships have to involve sex, and this just isn’t true. While having consensual sex with someone you really like and care about can be a great experience, you may find that you just aren’t ready for that, and that’s more than okay.

There are many ways to enjoy time with your partner and be intimate to a level you’re both comfortable with. These can involve physical touch or can be more focused on words. Here are some ideas, and again, make sure you have consent by asking your partner if they want to try these.

  • Hold hands: this might seem basic, but hand holding can feel really good and can show the other person a lot about how you feel

  • Cuddle up: on the sofa or in bed with some of your favourite snacks and Netflix, or listen to music or a podcast together

  • Shower: Take a shower or bath together

  • Massage: take turns giving each other massages - The skin is the most sensual part of the body

  • Have intimate conversations: ask your partner about their dreams and desires, their life goals, or their biggest achievements

  • Give honest compliments: take the time to tell your partner what you like or love about them and how they make you feel

  • Undress each other: this can be a really romantic and intimate way to touch and look at each other while naked, without having sex