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What to watch out for

Dating and new romantic relationships can be fun and exciting, but remember to always keep checking in with how you are feeling. You deserve to be treated well, and if you start to feel uneasy or uncomfortable about things your partner is doing or saying, then it’s important to act on those feelings and seek guidance from a trusted adult or a youth support service.

When might it be a good time to seek support?

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with the amount of affection and attention your partner is showing you
  • If your partner is try to convince you to do things you’re not comfortable with, or they are using their feelings for you to get what they want
  • If your partner is always wanting to see you, or is constantly checking up on you and you feel as though you don’t have space to breathe
  • If your partner starts to get annoyed that you’re not replying to their messages right away, or that you aren’t available for them 24/7

Maintain your independence

It’s normal to want to spend a lot of time with a new partner, but it’s a good idea to also keep doing the things you love, and spending time with your friends and whānau without them by your side.

If you make your whole life about your new partner, you end up putting a lot of pressure on the relationship to be your sole source of happiness and fulfilment.

Give yourselves a chance to miss one another by not being present 24/7 in each other’s physical, and online worlds.

If you need some support, check out these services below: