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Sending Nudes

The reality is, people send nudes.

Watch this video that talks about why it’s important to stop and think before you send a nude, whether it be yours or someone else’s, and what you can do if someone shares your nude without consent.

Why do people send nudes?

“I feel like…a lot of people share it to feel accepted. They don’t want to feel rejected by their friends or feel that somehow they are left out because they haven’t received nudes.” Male 18 Pasifika

“I think people sort of want validation from their own friends and might think that it’s kind of like a bragging right that they’re further on in a relationship than others might think and they just want to prove that they’re more mature” Female 18 Pākehā

While it might feel like everyone is sending nudes, research shows just over 4% of young people aged 14-17 choose to share their own nudes. What’s more common is the pressure to share – one in five young people have been asked to send nudes. This pressure can come from peers, partner or sites like OnlyFans. The bottom line is that’s it’s never okay to feel pressured into sharing intimate images of yourself or someone else, and it’s important to know that there is support out there if you need it.

Thinking of sharing nudes?
Someone shared my nudes
Someone sent me a nude I didn't ask for
I've shared someone's nudes without consent