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Where to get help about porn use?

Porn is everywhere – and it’s not uncommon to struggle with it. Some young people struggle with a range of stuff related to porn like feeling uncomfortable or triggered by it, feeling shame, being worried about what they’re watching or wanting to cut down but not feeling able to. If that’s you – it can really help to talk to someone and there’s heaps of great different help out there.

If you want to talk to someone in your whānau, but feel a bit nervous – check out this: How do I talk to whanau or another adult?

If you’ve felt uncomfortable or triggered by porn check this out:

If you want to cut down porn here’s some great tools and tips to kick start you:

If you're worried about porn in your relationship, here are some tips:

Rather than diving in with an ultimatum, start with some open questions to work out where you are both at, what you both want and how/if you can make things work.

Try these:

  • Start with yourself: what is it about my partner’s porn use that’s worrying me and why do I feel like this?

  • What are both our views on porn?

  • What do we both think about porn in a relationship?

  • If porn’s a problem in our relationship – where do we both sit with this? Is there a middle ground? Or is it a deal breaker?