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Top tips for keeping safe online

The internet can be a great place to connect with people and access all sorts of information and advice, however it does have a darker side. Not everyone has the best intentions online, so it’s important that we do what we can to keep ourselves safe.

Check out Netsafe’s five top tips for keeping safe online

1. Keep it locked

Ask someone to help you set up a PIN or password to protect your phone, laptop and other devices. Do the same for all your accounts to protect any information about you that has been shared in them.

2. Keep it private

Don’t tell people personal information like your address and phone number. Find out how to keep your profiles on social media private so only people you want to can see what you share.

3. Keep it to yourself

Everything you do online leaves what’s known as a digital footprint. This is a record of what you do and say. Think very carefully before you say or post anything. You won’t be able to stop other people sharing it – even those you don’t know.

4. Keep it real

Sometimes, people pretend to be someone else online. Check anyone who makes friends with you online is who they say they are. If you aren’t sure, ask someone you know to help you find out.

5. Keep it friendly

We should act the same online as we do offline.

  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Be careful talking to, or sharing information with, people you don’t know (remember “stranger-danger”)

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