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How do I know if I'm in love?

Being in love is defined differently by everyone, and can be experienced at different times in people’s lives. Some people fall in love quicker than others. It's tough, because no one can really tell you whether or not you’re in love, it's something you've got to figure out for yourself.

It can help though to check in with your thoughts and feelings. Consider how you think about the other person, and how often. Consider what feelings you have for them when they’re around, and also when they’re not. Do you find yourself talking to others about how great this person is? Do you want to share things that are important to you with them?

Some of the signs of being in love that people describe are feeling nervous or excited to be around the person, constantly thinking of them, having a racing heartbeat, "butterflies" in their stomach, or just really missing the person when they’re not there. If you’re in an tuihono (online) relationship and are wondering whether you’re in love, you can find out more below:

Online romantic relationships