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What is contraception?

Contraception prevents an unplanned pregnancy.

There are many different methods of contraception. Not all methods work the same way and they will have different benefits and downsides. That’s why it’s important to consider all the methods of contraception that are available to you and your partner/s, and choose one that best suits your needs.

Did you know? ‘Pulling out’ can still result in pregnancy. ‘Pulling out’, or the withdrawal method, is when a person pulls their penis out of their partner’s vagina before they ejaculate. The reason why ‘pulling out’ can still result in pregnancy is because pre-ejaculate (a very small amount of ejaculate that comes out before the main ejaculation) can still contain sperm cells.

Pulling out

What contraceptive method/s are best for me and my relationship?

To answer this question, it can help to know the facts about different methods of contraception available to you and your partner/s.

There is lots of information available here:

Methods of contraception

Your nurse or GP can also offer advice on methods of contraception.

If you identify as trans or non-binary, this information about contraception can help:

When should I use contraception?

With every partner, every time.

If you and your partner are only having sex with each other and do not want to keep using condoms, it’s important that both of you get a STI check (and continue to get them regularly). To prevent an unplanned pregnancy, another form of contraception (like the pill) is still needed though.

People may also choose to no longer use contraception in their relationship if they are actively trying to get pregnant, however this decision must be mutually agreed upon by all parties.