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Methods of contraception

Contraception prevents unplanned pregnancy.

There are many different methods of contraception. Not all methods work the same way and will have different benefits and downsides. That’s why it’s important to consider all the methods of contraception that are available to you and your partner/s, and choose one that best suits your needs.

Did you know? Condoms (external and internal) are the only form of contraception that can prevent pregnancy AND protect against STIs. You can also get them free by clicking the link below.

Whatever your sexual or gender identity, if you are sexually active you need to think about protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You might also want to think about using contraception to prevent pregnancy.

If you are trans or non-binary, you can find out more about contraception here:

Methods of contraception

Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)

LARC lasts for a long time. Once you have a LARC put in, you don’t need to remember to take contraception every day or every month. LARCs are the most effective at preventing pregnancy.

There are two types of LARC:

Hormonal contraceptives

These contraceptives use hormones to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal contraceptives include the Pill (two types) and the Depo Provera injection.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods stop sperm from entering the vagina. They are also the only methods of contraception that protect against STIs as well as unplanned pregnancy.

There are two types of barrier methods:

Where can I get free or cheap condoms?

  • Sexual Health Services (SHS) – free sexual health assessments are available and prescriptions for condoms can be given. You would be able to get up to 12 packs (around 120 condoms) for free. SHS also often have free condoms available in the clinic. Your parents/caregivers won’t be told about your visit unless you want them to be.
  • Family Planning – make an appointment and head into Family Planning. They will be able to talk with you about staying safe and can give prescriptions for condoms – you would be able to get up to 12 packs (around 120 condoms) for free. Visits to Family Planning are free for anyone under 22. Your parents/caregivers won’t be told about your visit unless you want them to be.

For info on emergency contraception, check this out:

Emergency contraception