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Do I have an STI?

Did you know? Most people who have a STI have no symptoms.

Some STIs will cause very obvious symptoms, however many STIs cause no symptoms or only mild symptoms, so you could not know you have an infection.

If you do have symptoms, they may appear right away, or they might not show up for weeks or even months. They might come and go. Even if the symptoms disappear, you may still have an STI.

A test from your healthcare provider may be the only sure way to tell if you are infected.

To find out more about STI symptoms and what to look out for, click here:

Do I need a STI check?

You may need, or want, a STI check if you:

  • Have had unprotected sex
  • Have a new sexual partner
  • Have more than one sexual partner
  • Are worried you might have been exposed to a STI

If you think you may have a STI, you need to see your doctor, sexual health clinic or another healthcare provider. You can find your local sexual health clinic here:

To note: Not all STIs are prevented by the use of condoms, so even if you had protected sex, it is a good idea to get tested if you notice any symptoms on yourself or your partner/s.

If you leave an STI untreated it can spread to other people and there could be more serious health problems down the road.

Getting tested and treated for STIs is really easy and painless these days. Free STI checks are available for under-22-year-olds from many providers throughout New Zealand.

No shame! STIs are really common and most of us will get at least one in our lifetime. There’s no shame in having a STI. The most important thing is that you receive the treatment you need.

To find out what happens in a STI check, check these out:

Visiting the Sexual Health Clinic