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Foreplay is often thought of as what comes before sex, however it can be considered a type of sex itself.

Foreplay can be lots of things, like kissing, cuddling, intimate touching, or dry humping (humping without penetration, usually while still clothed). 

Did you know? Brushing your teeth within 30 minutes of sexual activity can irritate your gums leaving small cuts that could increase your chances of infection. Try using mouthwash or sugar-free gum if you want fresh breath! 

It can help to keep in mind that not everything that happens during foreplay has to be mind-blowing. Movies give us some pretty unrealistic expectations around what foreplay is, and should be like. Consensual touch given with care and curiosity is a good start!

Foreplay – Now what?

Where you go from here is up to you and your partner/s. Anyone can initiate a next step, just keep communicating to ensure it's pleasurable and consensual. 

Safer sex is also something to consider when it comes to foreplay. People often worry that using condoms during sex will ‘kill the mood’, but condoms can be sexy when they are introduced during foreplay! If your partner will be wearing the condom, perhaps you could put it on for them, or vice versa. Talk with your partner/s about how you might go about doing this.

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