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Fingering can be used during vaginal sex and anal sex.

Fingering can involve moving your fingers in and out of the vagina or anus, but it doesn’t have to. You can keep your fingers inside and move them round in a swirling motion. You can start with one finger at a slow pace and gradually build up the pace and/or number of fingers. 

Most nerve endings are located towards the vaginal opening, so when it comes to fingering, the aim shouldn’t always be to see how deep you can get. 

Did you know? Fingering is sometimes called “digital sex”, even though it has nothing to do with technology. Digits is just another word for fingers! 

Ask your partner! Check-in with them as you go. Perhaps they can even show or guide you in some way. 

  • “Have you tried fingering yourself before? What did you like when you did it?” 

  • “Do you want to adjust our position to make it feel better, what position do you want to try?” 

  • “How much are you enjoying this? How can we make it better?” 

  • “Are you okay with this?”