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AKA: Penis in vagina, PIV, PnV 

PIV sex is when someone slides their penis into another person’s vagina and often moves it back and forth in a kind of rubbing motion.

Some people find this type of sex feels nice because the vagina stimulates the penis, which is covered in nerve endings, and the penis can stimulate the sensitive parts in and around the vagina, particularly the clitoris.

With this type of sex, the focus is often on reaching orgasm, but it’s important to know that PIV sex may lead to orgasm or it may not. It’s different for everyone and all good either way!

Remember that vaginal sex is just ONE type of sex - there are many other ways to be sexual if you’re not into, or ready for, vaginal sex.

Ask your partner! 

  • “Do we have condoms to use so we’re being safe?” 

  • “I like to start slowly so I can adjust better to make us both enjoy this” 

  • “Can we put a pillow under us to help it feel better?” 

  • “Do we have lube to use?” 

  • “Can we do some more foreplay/oral sex/fingering so that I am more ready?” 


Safety check!

It is possible to get pregnant and pass STIs from unprotected PIV sex so it’s important to use contraception and condoms.

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