Planning, Teaching & Learning

Getting Started

This one-page document provides a step-by-step guide for planning your whole-school approach to RSE. 

RSE resources on TKI- have you checked this out?

Have you checked out our consultation page?

Watch the video to see how Lynfield College starts their consultation with collecting ākonga/student voice.

Two academics/teachers discuss good practice in RSE

One example of an overview of learning in RSE across Years 1-10

This resource from Family Planning provides background information for RSE and an overview of the Navigating the Journey resource suite from Years 1-10. This resource provides a starting point for teachers and parents to understand the progressions of RSE. 

What does planning, and teaching and learning in RSE look like in practice? 

Here are examples of an intermediate kura (school) and a secondary kura:

Frequently queried topics Years 1-8 and 9-13

This resource from the Ministry of Education (MOE) provides a simple guide to RSE. 

It covers legal requirements, consultation, a whole school approach, and how to answer difficult pātai (questions) from ākonga (students).

Teaching and learning in the context of pornography

This free online training module about teaching and learning about the issue of pornography supports educators in understanding how the underlying concepts shape health education and learning in  RSE.

There is an excellent video on facilitating a discussion with young people to critique the messages portrayed in porn. See Section Two: How to have the conversations: Socratic questioning video

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